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November 27, 2017
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Sarvang ksheerdhara

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Sarwang Ksheerdhara / Cleopatra Beauty Therapy

Cleopatra was famous not just for being a queen of ancient Egypt, but also for being remarkably beautiful and smart. She was also well known for taking her milk baths, which she often infused with honey or herbs. She was wise to do so; milk is great for the skin. It is both moisturizing and exfoliating. It leaves skin feeling silky soft, with a healthy glow.

For ksheera dhara treatment traditional bronze vessel called ‘kindi’ is used. The main ingredient of Ksheera Dhara treatment is milk. Herbal milk infused with special herbs such as cleansing turmeric powder  and fragrant sandalwood powder, is continuously poured over the forehead or all over the body. This treatment is based on milk and is known as milk treatment.

In sarwanga ksheeradhara , lukewarm medicated milk is poured in a constant rate over the body by two therapist followed by a gentle massage.

This therapy is highly beneficial:
* For vata and pita predominant headaches, stress, insomnia and anxiety.
* It nourishes the skin and gives a lustrous appearance.
* It has proven effective in certain cases of arthritis.
* In certain neurological conditions especially those accompanied by burning sensation and numbness, Ksheera dhara is found to be highly beneficial.
* It rejuvenates and nourishes the body. It is therefore done as a therapy even for a healthy person in certain seasons.

Duration of the treatment is 60 minutes
This treatment can also be done in a course like seven days, 14 days etc. as per the instructions of the physician or conditions of the patients.

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