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Kati Basti

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Kati Basti – A good solution to the chronic backache problems/ disc prolapse/ spondylolisthesis
KATI BASTI is term used in AYURVEDA and this is a treatment procedure used in Ayurveda treatments for the various ailments of the lower back. It is made by two words—KATI—means the back area and the BASTI—means a pouch like arrangement. In this method special treatment is given to the back area with special medicated oils.

In which conditions it s beneficial ??

KATI BASTI is a significant treatment in Ayurveda and is helpful in relieving pain in the following cases and even correcting the defect permanently in many cases—

– Chronic back pain

– Intervertebral disc prolapse

– Lumber spondylitis

– Sprains of muscles around the backbone

– Straightening of curvature of back bone

– Spondylolisthesis (displacement of one vertebra over another)

– Pain due to osteoarthritis of the back bone

– Stiffness of back due to ankylosing spondylitis

– Sciatica like pains

– Inflammation of the intervertebral joints

– Sacralizatio of vertebras

– Degenerative illnesses of the vertebras or back bone

This procedure is done for 30-45 minutes
usually this procedure is done for 8-10 days daily or with gaps according to the case.

Benefits of Kati basti

– This significantly reduces pain in the acute disc prolapse, usually in a course of eight days, pain is gone. And in the early cases it also helps to reposition the prolapsed disc to its normal position.
– It relaxes the muscle affected and decreases pain and stiffness.
– It helps to decrease the inflammation in the relevant location.
– It helps to regain the mobility of the stiff joints of the vertebras.
– It slows down the early degeneration changes in the persons of ages thirties and forties.
– In increases the blood supply to the targeted area subsequently increasing the immunity and the nutrition to that area

Are there any side effects??

There are absolutely no side effects of the treatment.

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