Synchronized Abhyangam 60min
November 27, 2017
Sujaika Vimardanam
November 27, 2017
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Synchronised Abhyangam & Sarvanga Njavarakizhi

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Abhyangam means oil massage. It is a form of ayurvedic treatment in which whole body is massaged with ayurvedic oils. The oil used in abhyangam varies upon season and individual conditions. Abhyangam can be performed as individual treatment or as the first stage of any other treatments in PANCHKARMA.

This is very good for person who do exertive workout. It improves overall health, restores body resistance to optimum point.

Njavarakizhi therapy contains njavara rice (medicated rice). It has medicinal properties. Bundles or kizhis are made up of njavara rice cooked in cow’s milk with certain herbs.

First medicated oil is applied on body and then massage with these rice bundles. After that bath with luke warm water. This therapy is recommended for general relaxation and rejuvenation of body as well as also to maintain blood pressure and cholesterol level. It makes body supple and removes stiffness, makes entire body strong, gives excellent results in insomnia.

A course of njavarakizhi improves immune system and slows down ageing process.

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